I scream, you scream...

I think you know the rest...


We proudly serve ice cream from another Arkansas favorite, Loblolly Creamery. A small-batch creamery, Loblolly makes delicious ice cream with natural ingredients, and no preservatives. 

They also custom make flavors at our request, including Will's Cinnamon Swirl; a mix of our cinnamon, their house-made caramel, swirled in their double vanilla bean.  It's already a favorite with our regulars.  And just to make things interesting, we now offer Will's Cinnamon Swirl with Red Light Roastery coffee in it!  Its is amazing in our "Inside Out", our delicious concoction of cinnamon roll and ice cream!


The Inside Out

Whats the best part of a cinnamon roll? the middle of course!

So we decided to take the middle out. Yep, we took the middle out to make room for some ice cream!  Start by eating the middle first, or save it for last and start with the roll and ice cream, do it however you like.  We traditionally put a scoop of Will's Cinnamon Swirl inside it, but you can choose whichever flavor you like. After that, we drizzle it with icing and caramel and serve extra icing (because who doesn't want extra icing) on the side!  Add an order of "Little Willies" on the side to dip into the icing if you really wanna get serious with this thing!  



The origin of the word Affogato is Italian and literally means "drowned".  I would like to amend the meaning to "delicious".  Am I allowed to do that? Probably not...but try one and I think you will agree!



Do milkshakes need a caption?  Naaa...