Our Team

We have such an amazing team, we thought you might like to get to know them!  We knew when we opened that we wanted to be the first thing that popped into peoples heads when they thought about the best service in Hot Springs. Well, you cant have great service without great employees. And you can't have a fun work environment without them either. We have more fun here that should probably be allowed, but we love it. And its all because of the people below!


Katie, aka; lady flour butt

Will's partner in crime and life. Loves everything pink, sparkly, unicorn related, and glittery. She does a little of everything at the shop but you can usually see her behind the window dancing and keeping the kitchen entertained. One of three of the famous trio the saltmates.  Her favorite thing to eat in the shop is the lemon lavender muffins. Favorite icing; Maple.


kelli, aka; The Flour child

The manager, and two of three of the famous trio the saltmates; she rules the kitchen with a not so iron spatula. You can see her floating everywhere in the shop and keeping things running smoothly. Favorite.................


mindy, aka; maple

The assistant BA Manager and final member of the famous trio the saltmates, Mindy keeps us well stocked with cookies, muffins, and all of our other goodies.  She also excels at being awesome in general and stepping up whenever needed. Favorite thing to eat in the shop......



Soft spoken destroyer of microwaves. She is the sweet smiling face up front who has secret aspirations to be the salt queen one day.  But for now, she is the reigning Snapchat queen.  Favorite thing to eat in the shop .....



Our most enthusiastic employee. With his infectious smile and laugh he keeps customers and employees entertained.  Brandons favorite thing to do in the shop is to eat the broken cookies and rolls that got prepared wrong.  OUR favorite thing to do in the shop is to scare Brandon. :)  Favorite thing to eat in the shop......



Let's face it, nobody likes doing dishes, and Tanner is no exception.  But he gets his job done with a steady stream of Monsters, milkshakes, and bad music.  When he isn't doing dishes you can find Tanner bouncing around the shop  helping making icings or arguing with Katie about music.  Tanners affinity for a sugar-filled shift has led to a number of successful tasty product combinations. Update on Tanner, while he doesn’t work here anymore, we thought we should leave him up, he struggled through the first year and we just couldn’t delete him!


GAVIN, AKA; P Squared (you're gonna have to ask)

Young Gavin began his life of employment with what is quite possibly the most dysfunctional set of employees and owners on the planet.  Whether he arrives by parents car or skateboard, Gavin brings a positive attitude, a great work ethic, and a keen sense of throwback style that makes us grunge-loving owners proud.   Favorite........

sara droke.jpg


Sara came to us when we first opened and was a regular that we fell in love with and became a good friend of all of ours. She worked at Red Light Roastery and then came to us. She is an amazing lady, the artist behind all of our hand-drawn posters that we had on the wall, and is also helping us learn how to make delicious coffee drinks. Her favorite thing to eat in the shop are the savory rolls with maple icing and bacon with the gingerbread crinkle coming in as her favorite cookie.



Trinity is a culinary arts student, and therefore is the most likely of us to know what she is actually talking about, the rest of us are just winging it!  She can be seen baking in the kitchen or helping up front as she cheerfully learns all aspects of the shop.  She is quickly learning we are just one big goofy family here. 


WILL, AKA; PHIL (to employees) THE CINNAMON ROLL GUY (to the public), and THE MAN BEHIND THE BUNS

Will's love for cinnamon rolls is why we are all here.  Will's name might be on the building, but its not his shop, its all of ours, and we couldn't survive if it weren't for all the people listed above.  Breaking all stereotypes, Will is proving that you CAN trust a skinny baker!  Will's obsessive attention to detail can be irritating in every other aspect of life (especially to LFB) but it has earned him the name "The Cinnamon Roll Guy".  Will can be seen all over the shop.  Just look for the skinny guy with the crazy socks. 



Scrappy, the shop mascot, was birthed from Will's sometimes annoying imagination.  Scrappy has no actual role at the shop other than mascot and serves as a reminder to LFB that Will is a punk and never lets a joke die.   You can see Scrappy perched high in the shop as a visual reminder of our quirky humor and dedication to not taking ourselves too seriously.  For the full low-down on Scrappy visit A Bite of Hot Springs food tours!



Bernice is the other shop mascot and Katie's care hippo.  Bernice the Baby Hippo is our cake loving, crown wearing, smile spreading sidekick.  her hobbies include eating and napping (in that order).  She can occasionally be seen at the shop but due to her nap obsession she usually remains fairly well hidden.  You can follow her adventures on Instagram at Bernicethebabyhippo.  Bernice's favorite thing to eat at the shop is absolutely everything.